Negotiated Agreement Classified




Substitute Teaching

Classified staff members serving as aides or tutors who then substitute teach in the regular school classroom: (only when their regularly contracted services are not needed on the day of work) Staff will be paid the difference of their regular contracted salary and the computed rate below:

                        Base Salary/175/2=the daily rate of pay

$25 extra /day(7 hours) or $12.50/half day (3.5 hours) if sub for a classroom teacher. No extra compensation if less than one-half day.


Daily Hours

Building                              8 hr-Daily                  Duty-Free Lunch-1/2 hour daily between
Administrative Assistants                                    11:00 AM-1:00 PM
205 Day Employees Start ten days before pre-service
                End ten days after the last day of school


Para-professionals                     7 hr-Daily                      Duty-Free Lunch-1/2 hour daily between
175 Day Employees 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
                                                                                                   Two pre-service days, +1 Professional Day

Custodial Staff         9-10 hr Daily                Duty-Free Lunch-1/2 hour daily between
Year-Round Employees 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Business Office                           40 hr-weekly                  Duty-FreeLunch-1/2 hour daily between
Year-Round Employees 11:00 AM-1:00 PM


The scheduling, monitoring, evaluating of these employees will be the responsibility of the immediate supervisor.

Classified Employee Absences

Leave time, when less than the duration of one day shall be recorded on an hourly basis.  One full day shall be considered to be seven full hours.

Annual Sick Leave

Twelve days of sick leave shall be granted for each year of service to the district.  Unused sick leave in each term may be allowed to accumulate until a maximum total of 84 days has been reached.  After the maximum has been reached, each new term will provide 12 days of sick leave for said employee.  If these 12 additional days are used, then additional sick leave taken will be charged to the 84-day reserve.

Sick leave shall be defined as leave due to:

  1. illness of the employee
  2. to care for the illness of his or her family member
  3. appointments with physicians and other health providers
  4. death of a family member

The superintendent or designee may require a physician’s statement certifying illness if an employee has an extended illness or is frequently ill

For provisions 2, 3 & 4 noted above the employee is limited to utilize 20 days of available sick leave for the first degree relationship (refer to chart) or is limited to the use of 2 days of available sick leave for a second degree and third degree relationship (refer to chart)).  This should also include adopted, foster and step relatives.

To obtain an authorized sick leave, the employee should call in and let the appropriate person know that you are unable to come to work. The call should be no later than one half hour before your regular starting time.

The amount of accumulated sick leave shall be determined at the end of each contract year and carried forward within the limits as described in paragraph A.  Any leave taken in excess of the entitlement granted, or any unauthorized leave taken, shall result in a salary deduction based on the amount of work missed (Ex: 1/# of contract days=deduct from total salary for one day missed).  Each Staff member may be approved by the administration to take one day without pay each year.  The penalty will be a deduction of 1/178th of the current salary.  Pro-ration of deductions over the final months of the contract may be arranged with the business office.

Sick Leave Buy Back

Classified employees who are offered sick leave amounts in excess of 84 days at the beginning of each year, and would normally be forfeiting amounts of unused sick leave days above 84 days at the end of the school year, will be eligible for sick leave buy-back of all sick leave days above the maximum accumulated amount allowed (84 days).

Upon completion of each school year each of the eligible certified staff members who qualify for such payment will be awarded $30 for each unused sick leave day, above the maximum accumulated amount allowed (84 days).  The check, minus appropriate deductions, will be paid in a separate check within two pay periods of the close of the term.

*Upon completion of the school year any staff member who has notified the district of retirement will qualify for buyback of all unused sick leave days at a rate of $10 a day up to the 84 days, above the maximum accumulated amount allowed (84 days)the staff member will receive the normal buy back rate of $30 per day. The check minus appropriate deductions, will be paid in one check within two pay periods if the close of the term.

Sick Leave Bank


A Sick Leave Bank shall be established for the purposes of aiding the Chamberlain School District #7-1 Employee who has exhausted their accumulated sick leave through extended absence due to prolonged illness or a catastrophic accident.  The bank will contain unused sick days, which are voluntarily contributed by participating Members.  A person will not be able to withdraw days from the bank until their own sick leave is depleted.


To enroll in the program each Chamberlain School District #7-1 employee may contribute one (1) day per year to the program to become eligible.  The deadline for sick leave bank enrollment will be by September 15th for each school year or within fifteen (15) days following employment.  The contribution form must be completed each year, including zero (0) if so intended, and returned to the Business Office.


When contributions to the bank have accumulated to a total of two hundred fifty (250) or more days, except for new participants, no more days will be added until the bank is depleted to one hundred fifty (150) days, at which time those Members having accumulated sick leave shall contribute one additional day each year.  A person withdrawing from membership in the bank will not be able to withdraw contributed days.  Unused days in the bank shall be carried over to the next year.  Record keeping will be undertaken by the Business Office and the employee groups shall have the right to periodically examine the records during normal business hours.


In the event of prolonged illness, a participating member who has exhausted his or her sick leave may request days from the bank.  A maximum of sixty (60) days can be drawn from the bank for life threatening illness of the individual employee.  A maximum of thirty (30) days can be withdrawn from the bank for a catastrophic illness or injury of the individual employee. In the first semester of employment, a staff member may withdraw a maximum of 10 days from the sick leave bank.  Pregnancies will only apply to the time the mother is physically disabled and unable to work.  Requests will be served on a first-come, first served basis.

All requests for use of the bank must be submitted in writing to the Business Office and must be supported by a written statement from the participant’s personal physician.  The Business Office will forward the request to the committee for a decision.


The Committee will be composed of two (2) Staff Members (Selected by CEA), a Board Member, and the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.  The Committee will review applications for the sick leave request and with a majority of that Committee either granting or rejecting each request.  The Committee shall meet to consider the request and inform all appropriate parties of its decision in writing (0ne (1) copy to the applicant, superintendent, CEA, and the Business Office) within five (5) school days.


Family and Medical Leave

The District shall comply with the mandatory provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993.  The superintendent shall administer leave policies adopted by the Board, setting forth the rights and procedures granted by the Act.  An eligible employee must have been employed by the District for at least one thousand two hundred fifty (1250) hours during the previous (12) months.


Sick and Bereavement Chart




Father-In- Law-1



Employee (Spouse-1)







Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave shall be granted at a rate of one non-accumulative day per contract period.  Said leave may be used in the event of death of a family member to the third degree or personal friend.  This leave will not be charged against allocated sick leave.

Personal Leave

Teachers may be granted two days of Personal Leave, and one day of Personal Emergency

Leave per contract year. Personal Leave requests cannot be grieved. If one Personal Leave day is not utilized during the contract year, the teacher shall receive remuneration of one hundred ten dollars ($110.00) upon the completion of the contract. If a second personal leave day is not utilized during the contract year, the teacher shall receive remuneration of one hundred forty dollars ($140.00) upon the completion of the contract.


In instances where personal business can be conducted in a period or less of a school day, the principal shall be authorized to grant this request without charging it to the three-day allowance. In instances where class time will be missed the teacher is responsible for finding their own substitute and the substitute cannot claim substitute pay. Each staff member will be allowed to request three thirty minute blocks of time each semester for a total of 180 minutes each contract period. If a request is not made in the first semester a staff member will be allowed to have four requests in the second semester.


Personal Leave utilized by a teacher must be granted under the following guidelines: Personal Leave days may be granted upon advanced written notice to the building principal with no reason for the absence being required. The day will be granted on the basis of availability of qualified substitute teachers.


Personal Leave granted during the first two weeks or last two weeks of a school term, or on the days  preceding or following breaks(Ex.: Friday after P/T Conferences) will require an amount equal to a substitute teacher’s pay (Certified $95 and Classified $75) being deducted as a forfeiture from the employee’s salary for the day taken.


A maximum fifteen percent (15 %) of each building’s teachers may be absent on any given day due to Personal Leave. Personal Leave will be granted on a first come first request basis.

Personal Emergency Leave may be granted under the following conditions:

Personal Emergency Leave is intended to be used for personal emergency reasons such as being stranded away from home during inclement weather. Additional examples: father-in-law has a heart attack, or day-care is closed immediately because of outbreak. The staff member will file for this leave on return to school following the emergency event.


Leave without pay (Beyond the Policy) Staff members requesting leave without pay, beyond the policy, are to make a formal request, in writing, to the superintendent. If granted, there will be a pay deduct equal to the staff members daily rate of pay plus cost of a substitute for each day absent that goes beyond the policy.( Certified $50 Classified $40)


Association Leave

The association (CEA) shall have use of three days of professional leave time for the purpose of promoting educational improvements for all concerned with the district programs.

Leave may be approved by the administration for one person for days or for a combination of persons for a period that does not exceed a total of three days during each school term.

Maternity Leave


A classified employee who becomes pregnant and anticipates maternity leave shall notify the superintendent as soon as the pregnancy has been definitely determined, and in no case later than the sixth month of pregnancy.  The notification shall be in writing and shall indicate the expected delivery date.  The superintendent may request written confirmation of pregnancy and due date from the teacher’s physician. Male classified employees who have pregnant spouses, and who may anticipate requesting paternity leave, shall be permitted to utilize annual sick leave as set forth in agreement.  

Pregnancy shall be considered a physical disability and sick leave granted for a reasonable period of pre-delivery and post delivery days (the district will assume an average leave period of 30 working days, including pre-delivery and post delivery time).  Each classified employee may be entitled to additional pre-delivery and post-delivery sick leave allowance upon submission of a written statement to the superintendent and school board from the teacher’s physician affirming the need for such additional leave.  In no instance will paid leave days be granted in excess of the accumulated sick leave earned by the classified employee in service to the district.

Classified employees applying for adoption of children, and anticipating the need for related leave time, shall notify the superintendent at the earliest possible date to insure that appropriate arrangements can be anticipated.  Classified employees adopting an infant (pre-school) shall be entitled to apply for maternity leave as stated in paragraph B above.  In situations where minor age children are adopted, leave time may be granted upon submission of a written statement to the superintendent and school board from appropriate Adoption Agency officials supporting such a need.


Resignations shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the district superintendent.  The superintendent shall refer the resignation to the Board with his or her recommendation.

Payment of Salaries

Employees shall receive salary payments on the 10th and 25th days of each appropriate month, over a 12-month time frame.The payment of the first installment of each school term may be withheld beyond the 10th day of the month if 10 days of service have not been completed by that date.

Personal payroll deduction not covered by State and Federal law, or those not provided by contract negotiation such as insurance must be requested by the date of the last pre-school workday of the contract period.  Such deductions will not be altered during the contract period except in the instance of verifiable emergency.  Deductions altered due to such emergency will not be reinstated during the contract period.  Employee benefits and payroll deductions will remain in effect for the twelve-month contract period regardless of payment method elected.

All money due to staff retiring or resigning at the conclusion of a contract period, may be paid to said teacher at the conclusion of that term if a request for such payment is submitted in writing to the superintendent and approved by the Board of Education.

All employees receiving extra-duty compensation will have the choice as to how extra-duty will be paid.

            1. Pro-rated over regular payment installments

            2. Vouchered independent of regular pay installments. 

At the Pre-school workshop, the above people will inform the business office of their choice as to how they will be paid. 

Professional Dues as a Payroll Deduction

The district will, upon individual and voluntary authorization by an employee, deduct from salary payments dues for continuing membership in professional teaching organizations (Chamberlain Education Association, SDEA, NEA).  Employees authorizing such deductions must do so on written forms as specified in item D of this policy.  Dues authorization forms, as provided by each association, must be prepared in triplicate.  The forms are to be prepared by the employee, transmitted to the association, and then delivered to the business office when completed.

Pursuant to the authorizations set forth above, monthly deductions will be made in 20 or 24 equal consecutive installments commencing with the first payroll in September.  All dues will have been deducted by the end of each individual pay period or term.  The district will not be required to honor for a current month's deduction any authorization that is delivered to the business office after September 1st of a given year.

The district agrees to transmit to the association all dues deducted in monthly installments by the 25th of each month affected.

The content of dues authorization forms shall be mutually agreed upon by the district and the association.  All costs of the provision of such forms shall be the responsibility of the respective associations.

Employee Insurance Committee

A committee shall be convened annually to submit to the Board of Education a recommendation for a group medical insurance policy for district employees.  Determination of this recommendation should be made several months in advance of the current policy anniversary date.

The committee shall consist of 9 (nine) members who will be appointed by the respective employee groups in the following proportion of representation:


Organization                             No. of Representatives

Teachers                                                         5

Admin. Assistants                                           1

Paraprofessionals                                           1

Custodian                                                        1

Superintendent                                                1 (Chair person)

The superintendent shall serve as the "tie-breaker" and if needed be designated as making the decision that will be taken to the school board. A school board member will be appointed as a non voting committee member.

School District Calendar

Organization                                         No. of Representatives

CEA                                                             3 (one each level, chosen by the association)

Principals                                                     3 (one each level)

Board Member                                             1 (chosen by the Board)

Superintendent (Chairperson)                      1

The Calendar Committee shall submit a recommendation for the calendar for the ensuing year to the School Board for approval.  This school calendar shall be in compliance with state and federal laws and restrictions.  The recommendation is to be submitted to the Board in a timely manner, allowing for adequate planning purposes.   That calendar must meet the minimum requirement of 178 contract days for the teachers.  Of the 178 days three in-service days will be scheduled. A minimum of one pre-service day and two in-service days throughout the school year will be scheduled. In addition, one workday will be scheduled between the 1st and 2nd Semester.

Board Meeting Agenda Notification

An agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting of the Chamberlain Board of Education shall be forwarded to the President of the CEA or a representative of the recognized teacher bargaining unit by electronic format at least 48 hours prior to the meeting or as soon as possible if an emergency meeting is called.

Procedural Policy for Negotiations

With the intent of promoting maximum utilization of the specialized abilities, experience, and judgment of the teaching profession and all parties sharing responsibility for the quality of instruction in the district, the Board of Education does hereby adopt by resolution the following Procedural Negotiating Policy:


Board shall mean the Board of Education of the Chamberlain School District.

Superintendent shall mean the superintendent of the district.

Negotiating Committee shall mean the committee composed of the representatives of the Board so designated, and the representatives of the Association so designated.

Association shall mean the majority group of certified personnel.

Association Representatives shall mean the members of the negotiation committee selected by the Association.

Certificated Personnel shall mean professional individuals who are appropriately certified and are regularly employed by the Chamberlain School District as teachers, principals, superintendent, business manager, and when applicable aides and tutors.

Consultant shall mean a resource person qualified by training and experience to advise on problems being considered by the negotiation committee.  Said consultants may or may not be an employee of the Board and may be called by either party.

Conciliator shall mean a qualified person who seeks to assist in the resolution of disagreements.

Subjects of Negotiations

The Negotiation Committee shall consider rates of pay, wages, hours of employment or other conditions of employment.  All other aspects of employment should be matters of mutual concern for discussion purposes.  Though these discussion sessions are not negotiation sessions, they will be given careful consideration in management plans and decisions.


Recognition and challenge of recognition shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations promulgated by the South Dakota Department of Labor, Division of Labor and Management.


Either the Board or the association may request negotiations to commence for the subsequent school year contract.

Meetings shall be scheduled to avoid conflicts with school duties of Association representatives or release time is to be made available.  Request and reasons for subsequent meetings of the Negotiation Committee shall be made in writing directly to the chief negotiator of each party.  These chief negotiators will then be responsible for arrangement of mutually convenient times and places for negotiations sessions.

Reopening Negotiations:  Negotiations may be reopened for additional agenda items by mutual consent of the Board and Association.

Assistance:  Consultants may be called upon by either party for advice and information on matter being considered by the Negotiation Committee.


When a tentative agreement is reached by the negotiation team, it shall be made in writing and submitted for consideration by the Association and Board.  If ratified by the Association and adopted by the Board, it shall be entered into the official minutes of the Board and thereupon constitute a revision of the Negotiated Agreement.

The administration will provide access to the School Board Policy Book and the Negotiated Agreement through the school district website at   Printed copies will be provided to the CEA President, the three media centers and the building principal office in each building.


Conciliation and Mediation

Should there be a failure to reach agreement during negotiations, either party may appeal to the  Department of Labor as provided by statute.  


In the case of failure, after the full use of conciliation and mediation, it is the responsibility of the Board to make a decision in the interest of operation the school system.


Costs and expenses incurred in securing and utilizing the services of a consultant or conciliator(s) are the responsibility of the party engaging this service.  Costs and expenses incurred in securing and utilizing the services of a consultant or conciliator(s) are the responsibility of the party engaging the service.  Costs and expenses of a single or third party conciliator shall be shared by the board and association.



This Procedural Policy shall be effective and shall continue in effect until changed by action of the Board.  The procedures upon adoption by the Board of Education for changing existing Board policies shall apply here.


Either party, desiring changes to this Procedural Policy, shall notify the other party in writing.  Proposed amendments to this Procedural Policy shall become agenda items, but will constitute a revision of policy only upon adoption by the Board of Education.


If any provision of the Procedural Policy or any application of this Procedural Policy to any employee or group of employees shall be found to be contrary to law, then such provision or application shall not be deemed valid and subsisting except to the extent permitted by law, but all other provision or applications shall continue in full force and effect.



A "grievance" is defined in SDCL 3-18 as a complaint by an employee or a group of employees based upon an alleged violation, misinterpretation, or inequitable application of any existing policies, rules, or regulations of the School District or any of the provisions of this agreement.  The absence of or disagreement with existing policy, rules or regulations is not a "grievance" and may be subject to annual negotiation under the negotiations policy.


The term "teacher", except where otherwise indicated, is considered to apply to any certificated professional employee not classified as administrative personnel.

An "aggrieved person" is the person or person making the claim.

A "party in interest" is the person or persons making the claim and any person or persons who might be required to take action or against whom action might be taken in order to resolve the problem.

The term "days" when used in this policy shall, except where otherwise indicated, mean working school days.

Association shall mean any association of employees.


The Board shall mean the Board of Education of the Chamberlain School District 7-1.


The purpose of this procedure is to secure at the lowest possible administrative level, equitable solutions to the problems, which may arise affecting the welfare or working conditions of employees.

All parties agree that these proceedings shall be kept as informal and confidential as may be appropriate at any level of the procedure.

Nothing herein contained shall be construed as limiting the right of any employee having a problem to discuss the matter informally with any appropriate member of the Administration or with any appropriate representative of the Association at any time.

 Any employee or group of employees has the right at any time to present any grievance to such persons or Board through such channels as are designated for that purpose.


Grievance Procedure for School District Employees

Step 1  Informal

If a person has a grievance they should first discuss the matter with the immediate supervisor who is directly responsible for the grievance in an effort to resolve the problem informally.  Grievances (complaints) directed to the school board, other supervisors or other administration should be re-routed to include this informal step.  A professional colleague may at anytime accompany the staff member.

If the informal meeting fails to solve the situation, the grievance shall be filed with the Superintendent on a form supplied by the administration.  The Superintendent will provide copies to both parties and seal one in an envelope to be delivered to the School Board in case of a Grievance Hearing.

Step 2 Formal --Superintendent

Once a grievance form has been filed a meeting shall be scheduled within five school or working days.  If more than one school or supervisors are involved they all will be asked to participate. At the meeting both sides will present their side of the story.  The Superintendent shall render a decision and its rationale in writing to both sides within five days.

Step 3  Formal--School Board

In the event of this final appeal the Superintendent will schedule a Grievance Hearing with the School Board within five working or school days unless there are extenuating circumstances.  The resolution offered by the School Board shall be the district’s final decision.

All grievances by an employee and not satisfied by the School Board may be appealed to the Department of Labor.

Time Limit

Since it is important that grievances be processed as rapidly as possible, the number of days indicated at each level should be considered as maximum, and every effort should be made to expedite the process.  The time limits specified may, however, be extended by mutual agreement in writing.

In the event a grievance is filed at such time that it cannot be processed by the end of the school year, the time limits set forth herein will be reduced so that a grievance procedure may be completed prior to the end of the school year or as soon thereafter as it is practicable.

It is expedient that an employee file a grievance within thirty calendar days after the employee, through the use of reasonable diligence, should have had knowledge of the occurrence that gave rise to the grievance.

 Forms for filing and processing grievances and other necessary documents shall be prepared by the Superintendent and made available through building principals, the Association representative, and the Committee so as to facilitate operation of the grievance procedure.

The sole remedy available to any employee for any alleged breach of this policy or any alleged violation of his/her right here under shall be pursuant to the foregoing grievance and arbitration procedure provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall deprive any employee or board of a legal right.


Rights of Participation

No reprisals of any kind shall be taken by any party against any other participant in the grievance procedure by reason of such participation.

All parties in interest may be represented at all levels of the formal grievance procedure by a person of their own choosing.

When an employee is not represented by the Association, the Association representative shall have the right to be present and to state their views at all stages of the procedure (except at Step 3 if the Board elects to go into executive session).


If a grievance affects a group or class of employees, it may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent directly and the processing of such grievance shall begin at Step 2.

Decisions rendered at all levels of the formal grievance procedure shall be in writing setting forth the decision and its rationale.  Decisions rendered at Step 4 shall be in accordance with the procedures set in Article VI, Section D.

All documents, communication, and records dealing with the processing of a grievance shall be filed separately from the personnel files of the participants.

Forms for filing and processing grievances and other necessary documents shall be prepared by the Superintendent and made available through building principals and Association representative so as to facilitate operation of the grievance procedure.

The sole remedy available to any employee for any alleged breach of this policy or any alleged violation of their right here under shall be pursuant to the foregoing grievance and arbitration procedure provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall deprive any employee or board of any legal right.

Personnel File

Each employee will have a confidential employee file to which there will be no additions without the employee’s prior knowledge and the opportunity to rebut.  Each employee has the right to review his or her confidential employment personnel file upon request to the appropriate administrator.  The administrator shall schedule a time for review at a mutually convenient time for the employee and administrator, and such review shall be made available within five working days of the request being received.  The employee shall have the right to copy the contents of his or her personnel files at no cost.



403 B Plans


The Chamberlain School Board accepts the institution of a 403 B Plan as one of the medically related options offered by the school district in its insurance package.  Current medically related options are health, term life, cancer and dental.  If a staff member chooses not to utilize the benefit amount for health insurance they must present written proof of medical coverage.  If medical coverage is not substantiated the benefit amount is forfeited. Staff will only be allowed to participate in 403 B Plans approved by CPI-Common Remitter Services (3rd Party Administrator of 403 B Plans).


Special Note: The Chamberlain Education Association (Certified & Classified) is aware of the need to maintain the integrity of the group plans and will be informed of and will work closely with the school district administration on the need for maintenance of the proper numbers in each medically related group plans.



The School Board will pay on a spouse’s group health insurance.  However, the total of the group members using this spouse option cannot exceed more than 10% of the local membership.

  1. To qualify for this benefit you must apply for it and provide proof of eligibility.
  2. If the total applicants exceed 10% then the people on the higher steps of the pay schedule will be selected first.


Insurance—It is mutually agreed that the medical insurance (health, cancer, dental, life or TSA) benefit for classified staff will be increased to $650.00 per month for the 2019-2020 school year. 


The Chamberlain School District will secure a provider of a Flex Plan that will include the option of daycare and un-reimbursed medical added to the present Section 125 allowable.

Retired employees will be allowed to continue using the group health insurance based on COBRA 

Salary Schedule--Hourly Wage                                         2019-2020


Lead Building Custodian $15.00
Custodians                                                                              $14.00


Assistant Business Manager                                                   $16.29

Administrative Assistant                                                         $14.25


7-12 Administrative Assistant                                                 $14.25

DDN Campus Manager                                                           $15.00

K-6 Administrative Assistant                                                  $14.25


Class I-Aides                                                                          $14.00

Class II-Aides                                                                         $15.00

 Part-time employees will receive an amount commensurate to their percentage of a full-time equivalent.
$300 Bonus the amount, minus appropriate deductions, will be paid in December.

Custodial-12 month Classified
Buildings may be assigned a lead Building Custodian. The assignment will be made by the Business Manager. A lead Building Custodian will be given additional duties and responsibilities based on individual building needs.The position will increase the individuals pay by $1.00/hour above the negotiated classified salary.

12 month Classified Employee Vacation Days
Classified employees on a 12 month work agreement will receive vacation days based on years of service unless otherwise negotiated in work agreement. Days are to be accumulated beginning July 1; unused days will be carried over for one year; any unused days will be lost August 31st of the following  fiscal year end.

Yrs of Service Days
0-3 10
4+ 11
7+ 12
10+ 13
13+ 14
15+ 15
20+ 17
25+ 20
30+ 25

SD Retirement

Membership in the SD Retirement System for all Classified Staff starting in the 1999-2000 school year.


Employee Discipline (Classified)

No employee shall be dismissed or otherwise disciplined except for reasons relating to poor job performance, breach of contract, incompetency, gross immorality, unprofessional conduct, insubordination, and neglect of duty or violation of any policy or regulation of the school district.

Disciplinary alternative actions against an employee may include the following:


            Suspension without pay

            Suspension with pay

            Written reprimand

            Oral reprimand

The following procedures shall be used in any employee disciplinary action:

In matters which may require remediation, the employee shall be given oral and written notice, and, if not re-mediated within the stated time limits, could be the basis of further disciplinary action.

The immediate supervisor may issue an oral or written reprimand.  Suspension with or without pay may only be imposed by the superintendent or designee.  Dismissal shall only be by action of the Board of Education on recommendation of the superintendent.  On matters regarding suspension or dismissal, the employee shall receive written notice of the disciplinary action together with the reasons therefore.

Any employee subject to suspension with pay, suspension without pay or dismissal shall be informed of such action in advance and shall be given an opportunity to be represented in any meeting or conference with respect to disciplinary action within ten (10) working days.

Only employees subject to suspension and dismissal action as provided in this policy may appeal such action in the grievance procedure.  An appeal of a suspension with pay shall begin at Step Two of the grievance procedure.  An appeal of a suspension without pay or dismissal shall begin at Step Three.  If the employee prevails in the appeal, all records relating to the disciplinary action shall be expunged from the employee’s personnel file.  The appeal process shall conclude with the rendering of the Board of Education’s decision.

This policy shall not supersede the Board of Education’s right not to renew the work agreement of a classified employee upon its completion, due to conditions existing which would no longer require the services of such employee.