We’re Not Broken: Empowering Labeled Student

We’re Not Broken: Empowering Labeled Students

FREE! Parents’ Presentation with Jonathan Mooney

High school students encouraged to attend with parents

Sponsored by the SD DOE, Special Education Programs

March 10, 2015, 7:00PM-8:30PM

Ramkota Hotel, Sioux Falls

We’re Not Broken: Empowering Labeled Students

Research shows that self-esteem is essential to the success of labeled students and individuals with disabilities. Our culture, schools, and the medical model, however, conceptualized people with disabilities as inherently broken and medically defective, fundamentally disempowering students with disabilities. Our schools and medical community spend so much time talking about what is wrong with people with disability, that we lose sight of what is right. To break this pattern and limited paradigm for disability, parents need support in reframing disability, not as a medical issue, but as a social construct.  Parents need an asset-based empowerment model. 

In this presentation, Jonathan gives parents that model. Based in part on his own personal journey with disability, and his professional work as founder and executive director of Project Eye-To-Eye, this presentation outlines a concrete four step asset-based empowerment model that all parents can implement to radically change their child’s educational experience. This presentation focuses on concrete steps parents can take to build resiliency, meta-cognition, leadership skills, and self-advocacy in labeled students. It also explores how an asset-based approach can be implemented in IEP settings, school to work transitions, and in building partnerships with schools and other institutions. “We’re Not Broken” is a powerful presentation that supports parents in celebrating the strengths, gifts and talents of their exceptional child.

Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this training is being held in a physically accessible place. Handicapped parking is also available. Please notify the Department of Education, Office of Educational Services & Support within two weeks of the training if you have special needs for which this agency will need to make arrangements. Call about requests for alternative formats and/or interpreters: Disk, Braille, Large Print, Interpreter, or Other (please specify). Also note if you need any special medical or dietary needs, contact Merle Doolittle at 605-773-3678.

For more information on Jonathan Mooney please visit http://www.jonathanmooney.com/

Please contact Becky Cain at Rebecca.cain@state.sd.us with any questions